Music Program

Anna Bosler

          Anna Bosler started piano at the age of 4 and continued taking lessons through college.  Ms. Anna also plays violin and trumpet.  She has been teaching private piano lessons since high school.  Ms. Anna received her Bachelor of Arts in Music Theory and Music History at the University of Norte Dame and her Master's of Music at Syracuse University.  Since high school, she has been an accompanist for various churches, school choirs, and musical productions.  Ms. Anna's passion for teaching and music has driven her forward to where she is now.

Private Piano Lessons

          Through one-on-one instruction we will build well-rounded piano players and musicians.  Private lessons create a life-long love of music as well as providing important life skills and learning benefits.  The study of music encourages self-assessment and time management skills while increasing accountability.  Music also requires a high level of concentration in addition to fine motor control.  Piano study creates pathways in the brain between hemispheres and enriches audio-visual processing as well as memory.  Before beginning lessons, students and guardians will come in for a free consultation to go over expectations and logistics.

  • Private lessons for 30 or 60 minutes a week

  • Accepting beginning to late intermediate students (ages 5+)

  • Lessons available until 7:00pm on Mondays - Thursdays (within available time slots)

  • Contact at:

    • Office phone: (248) 412-4090​

    • Cell phone: (574) 226-8161

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